FUR - Boundless Theater at NYTW

Jumping in as the Fight and Intimacy Director for FUR with Unkle Dave’s Fight-House!

NYTW Next Door Series
83 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
Subway: 6 to Astor Place, F to 2nd Avenue, R/W to 8th Street.

Creative Team:

Migdalia Cruz (Playwright)
Elena Araoz (Director)
María-Cristina Fusté (Lighting Designer/Executive Artistic Director)
Amy Palen (Associate Producer)
Sarita Fellows (Costume Designer)
Regina García (Scenic Designer)
Nathan Leigh (Composer/Sound Designer)
Rocio Mendez/Uncle Dave’s Fight-House (Violence/Intimacy Choreographer)
Miguel Rosa-López (Stage Manager)
Matthew Lott (Assistant Costume Designer)
JT Public Relations/Joe Trentacosta (Press Representative)

About Fur:

In the midst of a post-apocalyptic sandstorm, Citrona, a young woman whose body is covered in fur, is purchased, caged and fetishized by a pet shop owner named Michael. When he hires beautiful Nena to hunt for Citrona’s food, an absurd and captivating love triangle ensnares all three characters. Intense, primal and delightfully bizarre, Migdalia Cruz's FUR exposes the beating heart of impulsive, unconventional desire.

This production, directed by Elena Araoz, will be presented as part of the 2019-20 Next Door Series at New York Theatre Workshop. The play will run from November 2nd-24th 2019 at the 4th Street Theatre, located at 83E 4th Street NYC.

Tickets and information: https://www.nytw.org/show/fur/.

Rocio Mendez