Close your eyes and... Sleep

Mack is a professional hypnotist on the brink of a new clinical procedure that allows patients to re-write or erase past traumas. Close Your Eyes and Sleep explores how hypnotism and manipulation work in our every day, our government, and our past. A lot of people say hypnotism is the process of falling asleep, perhaps we’re all trying to wake up.

Close Your Eyes and Sleep
History is Trauma
By Aaron Johnson
Directed by Vanessa Bontea and Andrew Karl
Music by Lilli Hokama
Benefiting Trauma Survivors Foundation

Flamboyán Theater @ The Clemente
Friday, 7/13 @7:15PM
Saturday, 7/14 @5:00PM
Sunday, 7/15 @8:00PM
Monday, 7/16 @6:00PM

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Rocio will be playing the role of Katherine.


Rocio Mendez